• Canmanski carving on a snowboard
  • GS Snowboard Training in Korea
  • Snowboard Carving 2006

My Home Automation

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Here is a brief overview of the home automation system I’ve recently started building. My goal is to collect and analyze data from my house. Why? Cause I am curious. I’m not sure if money can be saved on heating … Continued

This was never meant to happen

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Never. But it did. The megustasport.com site was accidentally deleted. I could not find any backup. So I decided to rebuild old canmanski.com. Since snowboarding is not my only passion – there’s tinkering in the garden (with help of GardenMateApp) … Continued

Bart Czarnecki

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I’ve been snowboarding for most of my life. It all started, because I had to snowboard. I did not even want to at the beginning, since I was a declared skier, but the ski resort I worked in was unlike … Continued