Anatomy of Snowboard Carving Turn 4

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This is the last part of Anatomy of A Turn by Mac Endo. Make sure you read the earlier parts before, starting with Anatomy of Snowboard Carving Turn 1.


What we’ll do now is we will move back a turn to the previous heel-side. It’s shot from a better angle, so we can actually see what is happening. The picture below corresponds to the one above.

So we are in the middle of the heel-side. Rider is in quite comfortable position that allows for easy movement of the knees – both flexing and extension.

This a very stable body position – we can keep hold this position for a long time and just keep on carving.

The right hand is slowly beginning to move away from the snow. This starts the whole ‘procedure’ of changing the edge.

  It’s time to begin the next turn and get back up – the right hand is pulling the upper body away from the snow. Similarly as with the end of the toe-side (Anatomy of Snowboard Carving Turn 2), the board remains at the same angle, while the upper body has moved towards the outside of the turn and is pulling the rider up and over the board (there is an unbalanced ‘centrifugal’ force).

Hands are almost level. The upper body is moving away from the snow.

The hands are level. The head is already looking towards the next turn.

As it was with toe-side, once you raise the inside arm, you shift from a balanced to an unbalanced position. There is not much you can do now – the ‘centrifugal’ force is pulling on the rider and straightening him.

Almost there. The upper body is almost straight. Hands are ready to catch the balance during the edge change.

Standing up straight and ready to change the edge – we back at Anatomy of Snowboard Carving Turn 1.

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