My New 1986 Ford Transit Mk3 Westfalia Hard Top Camper Van

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I just bought a classic camper van – 1986 Ford Transit Mk3
Nugget Westfalia. It’s got a hard top, mostly original interior (carpets and upholstery has been recently replaced by previous owner). It’s a 2.0l petrol OHC engine.

The body is in the great shape as the previous owner did a full overhaul at a body shop. The engine is somewhat in a worse shape. It lacks a bit of power.

Here are some pictures of the current state:







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  1. Marc

    I’m very interested in your photos because I have bought the same one. Also a white Nugget with a 2.0l petrol OHC engine. My one is also in good condition.

    For me it is very interesting to see how your Nugget looks inside. Because to see what is maybe oroinal and was was modified by the pre-owners. If you are interested I can send you also photos of my Nugget.

    Best regards,

  2. Marxo

    Hey, wehre do you got. that front bumper from?

    Bought the same one too.
    Im very interested:)

  3. Russ

    Hi, Thanks for sharing. I have a 1986 transit Autosleeper camper. Good luck with the engine. Russ. New Zealand

  4. Andy

    Hi, I’ve also got a similar one, but then with a pop up top. It’s a mystery to me how the heater works though! Have you found any manuals for the thing? Winter is coming 😉

  5. Roman

    Greetings from Austria,
    which front bumper is it? That looks fanstasic on this old Transit, not too much but exactly good! I would be happy to know where i could buy one of this bumper…

    Thanks for your time,

  6. Bram Esselink

    Great van you have! I have about the same, only the roof ledge is rusty. Do you have the same problem? And: what would you do about it?
    Regards, Bram Esselink

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